Ade Bare

EdwardMojeBare(shad)Talk to British born Ade Bare for more than one minute and you’ll soon be aware that ideas, drawing and the colourful expression of the life that surrounds him, is 100% of what makes him an artist and designer.

Initially walking into the Gallery with an iPad full of preliminary sketches I could see, within some of the finished images, that within this man lies an inventiveness that cannot be stopped.

A visit to his flat proved this, as every wall, door and even the ceiling was adorned with his artwork. Just 2oo yards away is the ancestral birthplace of William Wilberforce, a fact he still finds amazing as he was aware of the great man as a boy in Benin, Edo state of Nigeria.

“I live to create” he said. “Everyday I see something new that inspires me!” Softly spoken, with a Nigerian accent which hasn’t curtailed any over the years, he shows me painting after painting. Thick black outlined shapes filled in with flat earth-tone and primary colours, showing the characters from his past, along with invented creatures, a two headed meerkat with wings, a camel like caterpillar with four udders. All now extrapolated from his mind for others to imaginatively play around with.


Ade was set to follow his highly respected Father’s footsteps and take up a career in Law. However after studying for a short time at Boston University (USA), and with his Father and Mother’s blessing (inset tributes to whom give further insight), he decided to change direction completely and follow his passion for the Creative Arts. He then worked in a graphics firm in Lagos Nigeria.

His cousin Kayode Adegbembo, who was living in Hull at the time advised him to move there and to work on his creative talents. “You can do your own thing here!” his cousin had said. A truth that Ade has proved for himself as a resident for over twenty years.

In a recent meeting outside The 1 Gallery, Ade and I sat watching the River Humber roll by and he tells me.
“I love Hull. I walk for miles, even in the deep snow in winter. Sometimes in the early morning, exploring every part of the city and surrounding country. It’s what I used to do in Nigeria as a child, walk for hours into the country. Here is a very safe and beautiful place to do that”.

Having chosen not to exhibit much of his work before, he is now at the threshold of a new opportunity which I am happy to be a part of.

His unique work needs to be seen and enjoyed on walls, on clothes, on cards, in books or any surface where people can receive his sense of enjoyment and creative freedom. A sincere, humble and deeply spiritual mind, he is fascinated by a Universe of endless possibilities. His message to children and adults alike is simply to enjoy being creative! Draw. Create. Paint. Try it. Do it!

Conceptual fine art it is not. Joyful Art from the soul, it is.


Click here to view Ade’s CELEBRATING CREATIVE FREEDOM brochure.