Paul A Dennis

Paul is a Designer/Artist and Creative Producer who has reconnected to his love of figure drawing following a 38 year gap after leaving Anlaby Road Art College, Hull.

He likes to work in a free flowing style to capture a unique moment between the sitter and himself. The idea is not to produce a photographic result but a drawing with heart and hand.

He is also an avid admirer of Frank Reynolds, the reknowned PUNCH magazine cartoonist. Paul emulates and draws from his portfolio of whimsical, typically British cartoons. A process in which he learns much about line and form. He then adapts the legends to a modern day context. (see prints below).

Having ran a Figure Drawing Group at his Studio in Hull since 2015, he is now starting to explore the opportunities for the development and sale of his own figure/portrait drawings and illustration projects.

The start of an interesting lifelong adventure!